Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gulper Shark SH108 - Black : Jam Tangan Lelaki

macam biasa rutin harian online di lelong window shopping.. sekali terjumpa model neee... adeh nampak menarik tp sayang dah sold out.. tak pa boleh pelan2 cari lagi.. tu pun kalau mampu ahhh... huhu . rega leh tahan gak.. RM 250 lebih kurang cam tu ahh.. 

macam biasa layan noh pic2 saja2 nk share keh2..

Gulper Shark SH108 - Black
Feature available to Store Members
  • We focus on the manufacturing process. Every part of every shark watch is meticulous and durable.
  • We combined the graduation and dial with 3D design. The visual area of the dial is bigger and clearer.
  • Innovative big button, easy to press.
  • Day and Date with LED display.
  • Durable gears and material.
  • Alarm function
Main Features:
  • Gulper Sharkseries
  • Designed by renowned Italian Watch Designer Mr. Leonardo Cristiano.
  • High precisionquartz movement with the latest breakthrough Technology.
  • Specially designed with Big Case.
  • Water resistant (Not suitable for swimming, diving, shower etc.).
  • 12-months International Guarantee

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